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Terms and Conditions


Without prejudice to the other terms defined in the course of this instrument, for the purposes of this Purchase and Affiliation Term, the following terms must be interpreted in accordance with the definitions hereby established:

TheMIG Club: Company duly registered as A F C PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES under the license 939139 by the Government of Dubai, with administrative headquarters at The Binary by Omniyat Al Abraj Street, Business Bay Dubai - Dubai, UAE.

ENTREPRENEUR: It is every user, a duly registered individual, who made the purchase of a membership package at TheMIG Club regarding the temporary subscription for the functions present in the www.themig.club domain and its subdomains, also, acquiring the right to participate in the PLAN THE ENTREPRENEUR'S REMUNERATION;

AFFILIATION FEE: The ENTREPRENEUR must pay a contractual subscription fee in the amount of 50.00 EUR, which will be charged again if the ENTREPRENEUR upgrades his current subscription plan.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: MANAGEMENT SYSTEM or VIRTUAL PLATFORM is the panel or set of control panels that are used for the management and consultation of your team, access to information, content and materials under your subscription plan.

First Clause

SINGLE PARAGRAPH - The purpose of this document is to formalize the purchase of a membership package or upgrade planfrom TheMIG Club through the proposed business model and defined in this term as the ENTREPRENEURIAL REMUNERATION PLAN, which will be governed by the legal provisions in force in the country and, in particular, by the following clauses and conditions.

Second Clause - General Provision

2.1. Failure comply with the rules, standards, ethical conduct and good use here exposed result in a warning from the TheMIG Club;

2.1.1. If the ENTREPRENEUR insists and repeats non-compliance with the rules, standards, ethical conduct and good use, the act will result in the cancellation and termination of this contract, without prior notice or refund of the amount paid for the subscription.

2.2. The ENTREPRENEUR agrees to be purchasing a subscription that will give access to the TheMIG Club Management Platform, such as, attached content, rights to use software, tools and materials allocated on thedomain www.themig.club, and its subdomain variations (Ex: https : //office.themig.club where office is the subdomain of https://themig.club).

2.3. The ENTREPRENEUR understands that any and all commissions or bonuses obtained through or through TheMIG Club are subject to the rules and conditions set out in the ENTREPRENEUR'S REMUNERATION PLAN, such as the rights reserved to TheMIG Club in CLAUSE 11, and the risks set out in CLAUSE 7

2.4. The ENTREPRENEUR understands that this is not a "quick, easy and guaranteed enrichment or profit" scheme, and that they are subject to the risks set out in this contractual document.

2.5. It is expressly agreed that the ENTREPRENEUR is not an employee, agent, agent, representative, nor service provider of TheMIG Club, and, equally, its equivalence to any of these figures is prohibited, the same being strictly prohibited from assuming any commitments or obligations on behalf of the same, agreeing that TheMIG Club is exempt from any labor obligations and responsibilities towards the ENTREPRENEURS.

2.6. The ENTREPRENEUR undertakes to keep his access credentials and financial transactions confidential and not to reveal them to any third party.

2.7. TheMIG Club is, and will remain, an independent party and as the sole owner of all intellectual property rights related to products and services, be they systems, audiovisual material, printed materials or advertisements, in which any modification is prohibited, being authorized to use these marks only for the development of the activities described in this document.

Third Clause - Registration and Membership

3.1. Upon registration, which is performed solely and exclusively over the internet, the user must choose which subscription package he wishes to purchase.

3.2. After registration, the user who pays the subscription package will be called ENTREPRENEUR and will be subject to the rules and conditions specified in the ENTREPRENEUR'S REMUNERATION MANUAL, and will have the right to commission resale of subscription packages.

3.3. At the time of payment (Checkout) post-registration, 50.00 EUR will be added for theFEE MEMBERSHIP mandatory.

3.4 When registering, the user declares and agrees that:

3.4.1 You have read and agree with all clauses contained in this document;

class="sub"3.4.2. The completion of the registration constitutes the electronic signature of approval of this contract;

3.4.3. He is an individual over 18 (eighteen) years old;

3.4.4. All information and personal data filled in the registration act are true;

3.5. This contractual document is personal and non-transferable.

Fourth Clause - Privacy

4.1. The personal data filled in in the contractual act, such as: Name, e-mail and telephone, may be used to contact, advertise and disseminate offers and communications by TheMIG Club or commercial partners.

4.2. If the ENTREPRENEUR does not wish to receive email, sms, calls or any other form of contact from TheMIG Club and partners, he may request the deletion of his data in our communication department, through the official means of communication, and the procedure it will not result in the deletion and / or alteration of your data from the Virtual Platform.

4.3. All other possible clarifications related to what data we have access to and how we use it can be found in the Privacy Policy through the Official Website: https://www.themig.club

Clause Five - The Entrepreneur

5.1. The business plan described by this clause consists of joining the compensation and reward the ENTREPRENEUR.

SINGLE PARAGRAPH - By accepting this contract, the ENTREPRENEUR agrees to be accepting the conditions and rules of remuneration set out in Official Presentation (which can be viewed in the "Materials" tab of the Backoffice), and is aware that the compensation rules are subject to change, when necessary, for the sustainability of the Compensation Plan.

Sixth Clause - Misuse

6.1. Misuse of any and all breaches of rules, standards and ethical conduct, such as:

6.1.1. Link or use the image of TheMIG Club, its representatives, products and platforms in advertisements that allude to schemes that bring the promise of “easy and guaranteed money”;

6.1.2. Exposure and / or defamation (either in person or online) in untrue situations about TheMIG Club, its representatives, products and platforms;

6.1.3. The use of products for the creation, storage, disclosure and total or partial reproduction of advertising banners and / or any type of electronic commerce that is considered illegal, also abusive content, such as defamatory texts, photos and / or videos, discriminatory, obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, vexatious, harmful, containing hateful expressions against people or groups, or containing child pornography, explicit or violent pornography, content that may be harmful to minors, containing insults or religious threats or racial, defamatory and libelous information or that are contrary to honor, personal and family intimacy or to the image of people (including legal entities, entities and similar organizations), or that encourage moral (including bodily) and property damage, or that may violate any third party right, notably human rights;

Seventh Clause - Business Risks

7.1. ATheMIG Club may cease to operate in any country due to legal problems or poor compliance with the laws in force in the country, reserving the right to cancel the account of the ENTREPRENEUR residing there, under the condition of refunding the amount paid in the subscription, however, only exclusively through TheMIG (TMG) Tokens. If the ENTREPRENEUR has TheMIG Tokens (TMG) available in his MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, they will still be available for withdrawal for up to 30 days so that they can be traded externally.

7.2. The ENTREPRENEUR declares to be aware that it is a risky business, dependent on external sources for the good functioning and success of the activities, and that there is a real risk of losing the amount contributed in the purchase of the subscription package in case of bankruptcy and closure of operations.

7.2.1. The detailed breakdown of the evident and expected risks can be found in the Risk Disclaimer through the Official Website: https://www.themig.club

7.3. In case of financial losses resulting from extreme events caused by the financial market, which lead the company to a situation of technical bankruptcy, or investments that do not achieve the expected success in products and projects belonging to the themig universe, the company will reimburse the Customer for all activated plans and in the unrecovered part of their deposits. This refund will be made in stablecoin TMG that can later be monetized into products (gold, diamonds and properties) or services on Themig Store, or traded on Themig Exchange in the future.

7.4. To ensure extreme situations of the previous point, there is a guarantee fund in the wallet for this purpose, holding 50,000,000 TMG tokens. This guarantee fund is provided for in the whitepaper and can be consulted in the specific wallet through BscScan.

Eight Clause - Fee and taxes on Entrepreneurs

8.1. The taxes that are levied on the remuneration paid by TheMIG Club are the responsibility of the ENTREPRENEUR, and taxes will not be deducted from the source of payment, being the responsibility of the ENTREPRENEUR to make the declaration of earnings to the competent bodies of the country of residence. The ENTREPRENEUR cannot charge or transfer to TheMIG Club any values ​​or costs related to materials and supplies.

SINGLE PARAGRAPH - The ENTREPRENEUR understands that the receipt of commissions and bonuses will be solely and exclusively meritocratic according to his productivity, with TheMIG Club reserving the right to determine the values ​​and quotations of receipt and fees, according to the work undertaken by the ENTREPRENEUR

Clause Nine - Obligations of the Entrepreneurs

9.1. The ENTREPRENEUR undertakes to respect all the provisions contained in this contract, as well as not to practice the acts defined as misuse.

9.2. The ENTREPRENEUR when making a sale of a subscription plan to a new ENTREPRENEUR, must pass on all the rules, conditions and detailed information contained in the ENTREPRENEUR'S REMUNERATION PLAN, providing all the support necessary, without any cost or burden, such as, present the risks set out in this document, and ensure that the ENTREPRENEUR does not purchase a package that puts his livelihood at risk.

9.3. The ENTREPRENEUR when making a sale directly to a new ENTREPRENEUR, must present the risks set out in this document and in the document entitled RISK DISCLAIMER, available at https://www.themig.club, as well as ensuring that the new ENTREPRENEUR does not make a purchase that puts your livelihood at risk.

9.4. Any problems related to misleading information related to the ENTREPRENEUR'S REMUNERATION PLAN or products belonging to TheMIG Club, which cause damage to third parties, are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the ENTREPRENEUR.

Tenth Clause - Entrepreneur's Rights

10.1. Right to receive the full amount contributed in the subscription package, only and exclusively converted into TMG Tokens (TheMIG), in case your account needs to be closed due to force majeure, such as, for example, closing the platform activities in the ENTREPRENEUR country.

10.2. The ENTREPRENEUR may at any time send his TMG Tokens (TheMIG) available to any other external platform or Wallet that directly supports TMG Tokens or tokens developed using the Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 contract model.

10.3. The ENTREPRENEUR will be entitled to receive commissions related to the bonuses detailed in the ENTREPRENEUR'S REMUNERATION PLAN.

10.4. The ENTREPRENEUR shall have the right to use the software which is acquiring the license for the duration of the contract, as well as to use the materials and tools attached to theplatform https://office.themig.club, during the term of the contract.

Eleventh Clause TheMIG Club Obligations

11.1. TheMIG Club undertakes and is responsible for the smooth functioning of products and services offered in this contractual instrument.

11.2. In the event of technical problems in the products and services offered, TheMIG Club undertakes to resolve them immediately, or as soon as possible.

11.3. It is TheMIG Club's obligation to provide information and provide the necessary support related to this contractual instrument and Platforms.

Twelfth Clause - TheMIG Club Rights

12.1. If the ENTREPRENEUR breaks or disrespects any clauses contained in this contractual instrument, TheMIG Club is guaranteed the immediate cancellation of this contract, through a warning.

12.2. TheMIG Club is guaranteed the right to cancel the contract if it verifies the fraud or misconduct of the ENTREPRENEUR, and may also withhold the payment of bonuses in the event of evident damage to TheMIG Club or third parties.

12.3. TheMIG Club may make contractual changes aimed at improving and sustaining the ENTREPRENEURIAL REMUNERATION PLAN, and must notify through the MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Thirteenth Clause - Validity and Renewal

13.1. This contract is valid for a maximum of 360 days, or until the ENTREPRENEUR reaches the maximum earnings limit established in the ENTREPRENEUR'S REMUNERATION PLAN.

13.2. After the conclusion of the contract, the ENTREPRENEUR can carry out the renewal, thus maintaining the same situation as the last day of contractual validity.

13.3. If the ENTREPRENEUR chooses not to renew the contract within 7 (seven) days after its expiration, the registration will be permanently blocked in the system.

Clause Fourteen - Accept

SINGLE PARAGRAPH - Once the ENTREPRENEUR in full agreement and this contract validation, and to accept this contractual instrument, expressed his will to all the provisions of this instrument.